Case Studies

ProShip Fulfills Affy Tapple IT Supervisor's Demands for "Urgency and Accuracy" in the New Shipping System

Affy Tapple Inc. has grown from a popular Midwestern caramel apple maker to a leading gourmet brand with multiple distribution channels serving several national markets. Due to this expansion, as well as the perishable nature of the company's products, Affy Tapple Inc. needed a faster, more responsive shipping system that could keep up with its rapidly increasing demand and could integrate well with its ERP and Order Entry systems. Affy Tapple's implementation of ProShip significantly reduces the time spent on each shipment, eliminates errors, and provides e-mails with detailed tracking and delivery information. Case Study

Affy Tapple

McNaughton & Gunn Inc. Achieves Simplicity and Productivity by Replacing Three Separate Shipping Systems with Clippership

Three shipping systems once made the work of McNaughton & Gunn's traffic department cumbersome, slow, and error-prone. Now, with the implementation of Clippership, one workstation handles all UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipments, while the other two workstations easily process LTL shipments. All shipping information is centralized in location, saving McNaughton & Gunn an estimated one hour per day. Additionally, a new feature that was designed into the system is currently contributing an additional $25,000 per year in revenue to McNaughton & Gunn's bottom line through the utilization of a handling charge utility. Case Study

McNaughton & Gunn Inc.

NAIC Gains a Total Savings of $535,200 Per Year Due to Clippership

With Clippership, NAIC was able to ship out more packages a day, and shipping staff was reduced from three to one. Additionally, because the system was interfaced with real-time communication, customer service was improved and telephone expenses were reduced.  Clippership's ability to shop for the best price between carriers allowed NAIC to realize an additional savings of $20,000 per year. The new system reduced shipping errors, formerly caused by manual address input, by 80%.  Mistakes were reduced even further when Logic designed a solution that required the shipper to scan the bar code on every box before it was packed, verify that it was the correct product code and register the serial number. Case Study


Platinum Shipper enables to save up to $28,000 on yearly shipping costs's main draw is that customers can conveniently shop at a single, user-friendly online location for authentic Mexican goods and have their packages delivered right to the door. Unfortunately, this exceptional service was quite costly for owners Ignacio Hernandez and Ignacio “Nacho” Hernandez Jr. To remain competitive, the father-son duo subsidized an estimated 25% of shipping costs for their customers. However, after the implementation of Platinum Shipper, the two were able to use rate comparison features to earn big savings on shipping expenses. And the software pared down the previously time-consuming, manual order process to a few simple steps! Case Study

Detroit Athletic Detroit, MI

For Detroit Athletic Co., shipping out orders to dedicated sports fans is an integral part of the business; with Logicship, the company is now able to complete its shipping operations quickly and efficiently. With one keystroke, LogicShip is able to retrieve a list of customer orders and display them to the operator. The software’s real-time transfer of tracking and shipping data is sent back into the company’s business software—resulting in a faster processing time and easier tracking of shipments. Logicship’s automation with PROSTORE has saved Detroit Athletic hours in their shipping operations. Additionally, multi-carrier shipping and rate-shopping capabilities have worked together to cut costs in the shipping department. Case Study

Detroit Athletic