Transportation Management System (TMS)

About TMS

Transportation Management is the leading global platform for shippers and logistic service providers. It's also a core component of our Global Trade Network solution.

Here are 3 indisputable facts:

  1. Our TMS is one of the industry's first single instance multi-tenant, cloud-based platforms. Launched in 1999, this head start has allowed us to give our customers a competitive advantage with enhanced functionality, deployment models, and a comprehensive, pre-integrated network of supply chain partners.

  2. We are connected to more than 40,000 carriers and partners up and down the supply chain. That's the largest network in the world.

  3. Since Transportation Management is connected to our Global Trade Network, you get access to a ton of global trade capabilities such as customs management, denied party screening, and product classification in the blink of an eye. It's there for you. No one else has it.