Logicship Overview

Logicship, powered by Descartes, is a desktop shipping solution for the business dealing with a small to medium volume of shipments from a single site. Logicship, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, integrates shipping with accounting and customer service to increase efficiency and cost savings.

What It Does:

  • Uses one system to connect you with all carriers
  • Enables you to use your existing carrier software
  • Automates your fulfillment process
  • Tracks order from pick-up to delivery
  • Automatically gives address validation and update of shipping results
  • Expedites order processing and streamlines the shipping process
  • Integrates with backend systems such as Microsoft® Dynamics GP/AX/NAV/SL, NetSuite® , Prophet 21® , Quickbooks® , Sage® MAS90/200/500, salesforce.com®, and many others

Multi-Carrier Compliancy

Logicship is a multi-carrier shipping system that can be integrated with:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

Logicship can also be customized to be compliant with any carrier. By handling multiple packages and carriers on one system, Logicship ensures optimal efficiency.

Improves Customer Service

Logicship expedites order processing by providing an easy-to-use interface for the operator. The interface makes package tracking, the listing of negotiated or published rate quotes, address validation, and time in transit accessible. Thus, sales and customer service representatives can quickly provide customers the needed information and reduce the amount of time spent on support inquiries.

Rate Shopping

Logicship lists both the latest negotiated and published rates so that the customer can choose his or her preferred routing service.

High-Speed Processing

Logicship automates your order fulfillment process from the point of sales inquiry to delivery. This forgoes the potential of human error and allows you to ship more orders per day, with fewer mistakes, at a lesser cost.

Checks for Accuracy

Logicship comes with automatic address validation. Our shipping solution also reads package weight from your digital scale for quicker and more accurate shipping.

Complete Access

Logicship provides access to visibility services such as UPS QVN, FedEx Insight, and DHS Shipment Advisory that will allow you and your customers to see information on their shipping packages when needed.

The Logic Systems Advantage

At Logic Systems Engineering, we conduct a systems analysis for your current process, suggest a solution we feel is right for you, customize it to your needs, and integrate it into your current working system. With 34 years of experience implementing over 5,500 host systems integration projects, our engineers have successfully implemented shipping systems with almost every available platform, database, ERP, WMS and accounting system.